2016 Guest Artist at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland 
2016 Artist in Residence, Kolsstadir Art Centre, Iceland 
2015 Visiting Professor of Theory of Music and Composition at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico
2012 Honourable Mention at Visual Art Celeste Prize, Italy
2011 Opening of Seibutsu Art Studio, Italy
2010 Composer in Residence at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio International Center, Italy
2009 Composer in Residence at OMI International Musicians Residency, New York, USA

Dean of Faculty of Digital Music Production Engineering, ITESM, Monterrey
2008 Full Professor of Theory of Music, Sociology of Music and Experimental Music at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico
2006 Composer in Residence and Guest Researcher at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan – Canon Foundation
2005 Composer in Residence at Conservatorio de Las Rosas, Morelia, Mexico
Prizewinner at ZEITKLANG International Orchestral Composition Competition, Vienna, Austria
2004 Laureate Artist by UNESCO-Aschberg Artists Program, Paris, France
2003 Master's Degree thesis: Learning Strategies of Italian Pronunciation for Opera Singers, University of Venice, Italy
Fellowship in Musicology by The Swedish Institute at Svenska Rikskonserter, Stockholm, Sweden
Composer in Residence at EMS - Elektroakustik Musik I Sverige, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Teacher of Experimental Musichoreography for Children at Keré Youth Education Centre, Catania, Sicily
Laureate Artist by Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes, France
Composer in Residence at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Zaragoza, Spain
Honourable Mention at 2002 emsPrize International Text-Sound Composition Competition, Stockholm, Sweden 

2001 Visiting Artist at Laban Centre, London, UK
2000 Fellowship in Dance Notation and Contemporary Choreology at Laban Center Conservatory of Dance, London, UK
1998 Bachelor's Degree in Humanities at University of Catania, Sicily - Graduation thesis: A Theoretical and a Personal Artistic Contribution to Japanese Butoh Contemporary Dance
1995 Piano Degree at Catania Music Institute, Sicily
1994 Fellowship in Composition at International Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany